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Check out our FaceBook to a computer class. It is designed for beginners. You might even qualify for a refurbished computer.

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The ABLE Center is an Employment Network Serving the entire Permian Basin.  We can accept your ticket, help you obtain the skills you need to return to work, and assist you in finding employment.

The ABLE Center is an Employment Network for the Social Security Administration.  We can accept your Ticket-to-Work, and help you find employment.  If you currently receive SSI or SSDI, and you want to return to the workforce, then contact us.   Give us a call at 432-580-3439 today for assistance. 

ABLE CENTER can provide you with benefits counseling, if you are ready to go to work, and would like to know what will happen to your medical and cash benefits.  You can work, and we can help you in a step by step process, determine what work incentives to use. 

ABLE Center Employment Network
1931 East 37th St. Suite 1
Odessa, Tx 79761