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The ABLE Center for Independent Living was founded in 1993 funded through a grant from RSA and is a 501(c) non-profit organization dedicated to the idea that everyone should be living life to its fullest. The center provides activities, education, and peer counseling for individuals desiring to expand their talents. ABLE is about focusing on abilities. 

ABLE Center's Four Core Services
  • Information and Referral
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Advocacy 
  • Peer Counseling and Peer Support
At the ABLE Center for Independent Living, we are dedicated to the idea that everyone should be living life to its fullest potential.  We provide activities, education, and peer counseling for individuals desiring to "soar above all expectations".  We chose a hummingbird for our symbol because this remarkable bird defies the odds, seemingly defying the law of physics, to do what he does.  He  "soars above all expectations".  He is one of the most remarkable of all the species when it comes to his abilities.  ABLE is about focusing on abilities.   ABLE teaches people to live independently, and assists in providing support to promote independence in the above four core services.  

The uniqueness and commonality of differences in abilities ignites our desire to unite our community.  We will light our torches with the fire of those who have demonstrated courage, and carry them forward to coming generations.

We chose the tiny hummingbird for its unique abilities and strengths. At the ABLE Center for Independent Living, we desire to help individuals with disabilities reap an abundance of life.

The ABLE Center for Independent living is celebrating the success of our center and the success of individuals who have overcome obstacles through courage under fire.  We would love to feature a success story of someone you know, or about yourself.  If you have a success story you would like to share with us, or just want to know more about our center, we welcome the opportunity to hear from you.

The ABLE Center for Independent Living is located at 1931 East 37th Street Suite #1, Odessa, Texas.  You can reach us at 432-580-3439. 


Soaring Above All Expectations 


humming birds
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The Hummingbird  


A hummingbird can rotate each of its wings in a circle, allowing them to be the only bird which can fly forwards, backwards, up, down, sideways or sit in sheer space. To hover, hummingbirds move their wings forward and backward in a repeated figure eight, much like the arms of a swimmer treading water. Hummingbirds can move instantaneously in any direction, start from its perch at full speed, and doesn't necessarily slow up to land. Hummingbirds can even fly short distances upside down, a trick rollover they employ when being attacked by another bird.