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Check out our FaceBook to a computer class. It is designed for beginners. You might even qualify for a refurbished computer.

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If you would like to give back to your community, please consider volunteering for the Texas Ramp Project/ABLE Ramp Project.

Volunteers, Roger Hancock, Crespin Dominguez, Fred Sanchez and the Tri City Lioin's Club.



Don Hallmark, Lane Anderson and Roger Hancock volunteering their Saturday to build a ramp for someone who needs a ramp and cannot afford it.



Land Anderson and Beth Carrell are on the home stretch not that the plywood has been laid on the module.  All that is left now are the handrails, which have been started. It takes a full team of between six and eight volunteers about four hours to give freedom to someone who has been trapped in thier home, due to no access.